Goddess From The Sea (EERIE #125) Neal Adams Richard Corben Cover Circa 1972

Great run Cousin Eerie. Lot of great stuff. Warren issued Creepy in 1964. Eerie was slated in 1965. Vampirella was on new stands in 1969. My Eerie collection comprised of 139 issues plus three reprints in selected issues. Other printings were not set to viewers. Only 125 of 139 back issues. Of well. So many years. So much love. Love ya. Eerie my pal. Thanks Uncle Creepy.


  1. This is completely random but lately it's been driving me nuts. There was a story, Creepy I think, about rebellion and depression in Great Britain during the depression in the late 70's. It had a very Alan Moore vibe, but I can't be sure it was his. I vividly remember it depicting riots as people lost their pensions and a note that - hey, no democracy has ever lasted 200 years, so we did alright (sarcastically). There was no supernatural aspect. (was it also the one that taught us all to make jug wine with a balloon? could be). It was just... dang... Any help to find this would be appreciated. Thanks a million.


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